Pricing - Chiropractic

 Consultation - 100

Get the Big Picture

The first step to get anywhere is to identify your present ‘location’, relative to your goal. Our doctors will ask questions regarding your presenting complaint/s and perform relevant assessments to evaluate your current condition and overall health.

First Treatment - 300

Hit the Bull's Eye

Our doctors will evaluate your X-rays in detail with you, to confirm the diagnosis and how best to rectify it. Typically it takes a longer time for careful assessments before the first adjustment is made.

Standard Treatment - 150

Gain Positive Health Momentum

To create a new muscle memory and make this a new ‘You’. Each follow up treatment is a building block to the foundation of health. Keep the momentum going and live the best health of your life.

Pricing - Physiotherapy

Deep Tissue Therapy - 80

Tone DOWN the tissue   30 mins

Promote relaxation in deep muscles. Break scar tissues. Introduce blood circulation and oxygen into the muscles. Relieve tension. Decrease pain. Flush toxin away. Allow your muscles to breathe freely.

Functional Rehabilitation - 80

Tone UP the tissue   30 minutes

Strengthen weakened muscles and ligaments. Improve flexibility. Better posture and balance. Restore normal function. Less injuries. Healthy mind and fit body.