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About Connect Chiropractic

We are the first chiropractors in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur that combine Gonstead Specific Chiropractic with Functional Training & Rehabilitation.

At our patient-centred chiropractic and physiotherapy centre, we offer effective non-surgical treatment for all types of physical pains, aches, and injuries.

Connect Chiropractic is born out of an idea to fill the gap we see in the current healthcare system.

Founders DC Choo Hong Kai and DC Tamiko Foo Pui San have the same vision - creating a practice that is Honest, Caring and Empowering. Our founders strive to build Connect Chiropractic into a gold standard for non-surgical treatments of musculoskeletal-related complaints

Connect Chiropractic aims to help you connect to yourself; to understand and be aware of your body. We also want to help you to connect to the world again, to be able to move pain-free, stronger and healthier.

In order to achieve that, our methods combine the leading standard of hands-on chiropractic care, the Gonstead methodology and Functional Rehabilitation to guide you through your recovery journey. Our evidence-based Gonstead chiropractors are constantly updated with the latest research, along with regular attendance to international seminars to ensure the most innovative and highest quality precise care to our patients.

Our Vision


At Connect Chiropractic, being Honest is to make informed decisions based on evidence, and discussing the best available options with you. Each prescription and treatment is aimed to solve your woes in accordance with your goals and treatment preferences.

We are against exaggerating patients’ conditions with the intention of promoting unsolicited or ineffective services. In the event that your condition is beyond our scope of practice, we will not hesitate to refer you to someone that could.


“A good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” - Sir William Osler

“Connect” is inspired by humans’ need for social connection, care and love to be a healthy and functional part of the community. We believe caring is the bridge for us to connect with each other, so that you are not alone in the journey to recovery and greater health.

Your body, story, mind and lifestyle play a huge part in your health. Thus we believe in healing and treating you as a whole.

We want to get rid of the “cold, white doctor’s office” stigma which is commonly quoted as the reason for people to resist seeking medical care. We believe that listening to our patients carefully is the key to finding the correct diagnosis.


Your health is in your own hands.

Connect Chiropractic believes that people should take charge of their own health without needing to rely on external sources for temporary symptomatic relief. The only sustainable health model is to build health, not fight sickness.

Many health issues can be prevented with the right mindset, knowledge and beliefs. Health is a single topic that everyone should be studying, and it takes us a lifetime to understand and master it.

Connect Chiropractic strives to provide more than just a solution to your health problems. We want to empower you by providing guidance to manage and take action for your own health. The right decisions promote longevity, wellness and allows you to connect to your true potential.

Our Mission

Our mission at Connect Chiropractic is to support each and every individual to attain freedom of the body, mind, emotion and lifestyle choices.

We demand ourselves to achieve the highest standard of treatments and patient care, so that we could empower you to unleash your full potential by living a pain-free, stress-free and flexible life.

Our professional conservative treatments are

  • Regulated, certified & safe

  • Suitable for all ages

  • Non-invasive & non-surgical

  • Drug-free

  • Natural therapy

  • Physical therapy

  • Evidence-based to address the underlying issue

  • Patient-centered

  • Sustainable health solution

  • Helps enhance health & fitness

  • Preventive & holistic

Conditions We Can Help With

  • You go for massages regularly for temporary relief, but wanted a long-term solution 

  • You frequently use pain relief patches, topical medication, heat pads and ice pads.

  • You’ve had alternative bone-manipulation therapies and is seeking for second opinions from a Gonstead specific chiropractor

  • You have an old injury that has not fully resolved.

  • You need help to relieve unknown pain

  • You are concerned about your posture and/or scoliosis

  • You want a second opinion apart from invasive medical approaches

  • You were advised for surgery but wanted to opt for a conservative treatment first

  • You want to improve your sports performance

  • You want to reduce possible health issues in the future

Our Team

Young, Lively, Enthusiastic, Friendly, Professional Chiropractors and Physiotherapists.

Find out more about our team!


What Our Customers Say

Back Massage

Luisa Lau, Dance Trainer

My daughters and I have been under them for more than 4 years. Every visit really solves my issue in pain, stiffness, imbalances, and numbness! They made me feel so secure that I am in good hands with my problems. Listening to the familiar explanation about the muscles and joints in relation to my suffering really eases the nagging pain and depression caused by it.
Highly recommended to those who needed the help and a thorough understanding.


Danielle Tan, Educator

The perfect practical place to get chiropractic treatment. Reasonable priced yet value for money because you will get the result in a short period of time. I see improvement after the 6th session of physiotherapy treatment and continuous workout at home.

Suffered for more than 9 years of leg and body aching, the DC was able to rectify the root of the problem and was focused and practical in his treatment. I have never felt so much better physically. Thank you DC Hong Kai and team for their commitment to provide the best treatment for me!

Customer Testimonial - Yasser.png

Yasser, Consultant

Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, thank you DC Tamiko. She is one of the best Doc that I have visited for body adjustment in general, specifically for neck, spine and lower back. I've followed her since she was in the previous clinic and my friends praise her too.

I would definitely recommend her for anyone who has body or muscle issues. Go to her without blinking an eye! She is absolutely amazing. She deserves more than 5 Stars.

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