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What is Gonstead Chiropractic?

The Gonstead System was founded by Dr Clarence S. Gonstead (1898-1978) in the United States. Gonstead Chiropractic is more than just a quick fix, it is a complete system that encompasses the philosophy, biomechanical assessment, and specific spinal adjustment technique to correct spinal dysfunction and restore health.

Gonstead Spinal Adjustment

Gonstead spinal adjustment is specific, in which its specificity is gained through years of constant practice and great awareness. These skills are required to build a professional chiropractor’s substantial ability to locate subluxation through the Gonstead assessment.

A controlled, machine-liked-precise thrust is delivered delicately through our chiropractor’s hand to regain the normal spinal movement and remove any interference to the nervous system, aiding in restoring health.   


  • It addresses the 3 dimensional nature of your spinal problems.

  • It applies no rotational (shearing) force to your spinal disc.

  • Specifically-made Gonstead adjustment tables are used for different adjustments to ensure it’s on point.


How does the Gonstead system work?

  • Your spine requires a good level foundation (pelvis and tailbone) to help establish good function above.

  • Good movement of your spine requires good function at the intervertebral disc level, a gel-like structure that sits in between your spinal bone segments.

  • The spinal subluxation (joint misalignment associated with nerve pressure) normally involves a local loss of movement in your spinal segments. 

  • To compensate for its loss of movement caused by subluxation in your spinal segments, additional unsolicited movement in another area of your spine (compensation segment) or restriction in motion may occur. This is the cause of tightness and pain.

  • By using the Gonstead analysis, chiropractors are able to search for the true cause of the patient’s conditions. With identification of the root of the problem, the compensation effect can be cleared on its own.

Gonstead Chiropractic

Why Gonstead Chiropractic?

Here at Connect Chiropractic, our specialty is on the Gonstead analytic system of Chiropractic.


Gonstead Chiropractic is considered by many as the gold standard in hands-on spinal adjustment and one of the most effective chiropractic techniques.


The Gonstead system is unique because it is specific, thorough and safe when evaluating and treating your spinal misalignment, also known as subluxation and its associated conditions.


As Gonstead chiropractors, we look at your body as a whole system, searching for the very cause of your pain or discomfort and addressing your issues in depth.

What are the steps to a Gonstead assessment?

Every spinal adjustment treatment involves careful consideration and observation before. These are the five vital steps we take that ensure getting the right joints when adjusting your spine for maximum safety and results.

Step 1: Visualization

Observation starts from the moment you step into our clinic.

Each individual copes differently with their daily activity in terms of their posture and body movements. To our team of chiropractors, this is valuable information as these specific, yet subtle changes offer insight into the underlying issues in your body.


Our professional training allows us to observe abnormalities in your body’s biomechanics, giving us clues on how your body is adapting and responding to the issues.

movement 169-6165-min.jpg

Step 3: Static Palpation

Static Palpation is a hands-on part of the examination where our chiropractors will check and feel for your spine and its surrounding tissues. Issues that are tested for include swelling, tenderness, abnormality in muscle contour or tone, and any bone deformity.

Step 2: Instrumentation

Our methods involve the help of non-invasive equipments specifically designed for the Gonstead system. The Nervoscope detects areas of inflammation and nerve pressure along your spine by measuring heat changes along the spinal column.

This mechanism helps to pinpoint the inflamed spinal segment, making it an indication of the potential problematic areas that may be causing conditions of pain and discomfort.

Gonstead step 3 motion palpation
Gonstead step 4 motion palpation

Step 5: X-rays Analysis

The last piece of the puzzle would be an x-ray analysis, helping to match the above mentioned findings to your condition. A weight-bearing full-spine x-ray from the front and side is recommended. This analysis will be able to paint a clearer picture on the spinal curvature and the condition of each spinal segment. This information is a vital part in the process as it allows specific analysis and treatment.

Step 4: Motion Palpation

Motion Palpation is a high-level mastery and specific hands-on skill that requires years of experience and practice from a Gonstead Chiropractor. It involves feeling and identifying the movement in each individual joint of the body, comparing it with the usual motion if it were at its normal position.

This part of the analysis is crucial to identifying subluxation, which is when the bone segment is not moving as it should be. These are the areas and pain-points that need to be addressed.

Gonstead step 5 x-ray analysis
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