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Price & Packages



For New Patients

Consultation includes:

1. Establish a good understanding of your condition history
2. Perform a thorough check up on your spine and relevant joints
3. Develop a preliminary diagnosis on your condition and explain to you
4. Advise you on the treatment plan


First Treatment


First treatment after consultation

First treatment includes

1. Gonstead X-ray analysis

2. Report of findings

3. Chiropractic adjustment


Standard Chiropractic Treatment

RM120 - RM150 per session

Follow-up visits

A well executed treatment plan should consist of 
1. Assessment before each treatment
2. Treatment tailored to patient's goal
3. Re-assessment after each treatment, 
4. Re-adjustment of treatment plan when necessary 
5. Keep track of patient progression 



RM80 - RM120

Muscle work by physiotherapist

Focus work on:

1. Muscles release and/or strengthening, to help enhance and complement the chiropractic adjustment on bones and joints.

2. Manual therapy (deep tissue massage)

3. Rehabilitation exercises

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