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Functional Training

The Ultimate Guide to A Functional Body

What is Functional Training?

Functional training is a set of targeted, personalised exercise regime to rehabilitate weak muscles and/or joints, making them stronger than ever before. 

The goal is to regain normal function of the body, increase strength, flexibility, fluidity, movement quality, resiliency, and so increase the capability of your body to handle higher levels of physical stress and reduce the chances of injury.

The keyword here is “Function”, which represents purpose. In short, functional training focuses on “Purpose” through movement patterns. 

That purpose may be getting better at everyday activities, like walking better, getting in and out of your bed with ease, lifting objects from the floor without getting your back cracked,or preparing for sports participation.

Functional training is a methodology that focuses on making biomechanical adaptations relevant to human physiology which helps us to better respond to stressors in everyday life, preventing us from injuries in the future. 

What makes Functional Training at Connect Chiropractic different from the other exercises or training regime?

Functional training is carried out by our Chiropractors and Physiotherapists that best understand the anatomy and human biomechanics. 

Connect Chiropractic’s therapists are trained to assess your biomechanics, spot the dysfunctions that  are related to your pain and aches. We then design a specific training program with a span of 4-6 weeks to target your existing dysfunction pattern.

An additional benefit is that our chiropractors, DC Choo Hong Kai and DC Tamiko Foo, are high performance athletes in their respective field of sports. Their experience helps them understand how the human body works best, enabling them  to guide you efficiently and accelerate your improvement.

How does functional training help you? 

  • Manage your aches and pain: Most injuries are a result of the body moving not efficiently

  • Better movement: Functional training teaches you how to recruit your muscles to work efficiently, training you to become more agile and functional

  • Enhance your exercise regime: Helps you understand the basics of human movement, helping to reduce risks of injury during a workout

  • Look better: People with great mechanics carry more muscle and less fat

  • Feel great: People who move more tend to have better resistance towards stress and have better self confidence 

  • Improved energy: When your physiology is not oriented around repairing a dysfunctional body, it gives you more energy throughout the day

  • Improved sleep: A body that does not deal well with stress and anxiety will not be able to rest well at night. Physiological and psychological improvements that come with functional training allows you to easily relax and sleep soundly during the night 

  • Better health: Most diseases are the result of poor stress response. When you can move better, feel better and sleep better, your body’s overall health increase dramatically.

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Retrain your Movement Pattern through Functional Training

Functional training centers itself around reprogramming our human biomechanics (movement) towards a more functional pattern. When you are constantly moving in a dysfunctional manner, every movement is creating uneven and excessive stress to your body.

As our bodies adapt to a sedentary lifestyle that comes with modern living, our primal instincts to move in order to obtain food and shelter have disappeared. With time, our bodies are used to the new inactive default, causing discomfort, aches and degeneration as we grow. The situation snowballs when this distress causes us to move less, creating a never-ending cycle.

Functional training helps you to reboot and break through from the default. When you move better, you will have a higher likelihood of looking great, feeling good and improving long term health.

Treat your body well, so that your body can treat you better. 

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