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Our Team

Lively | Enthusiastic | Friendly | Professional | Detail-oriented | Patient-Centered | Goal-Driven

Patients’ progress and recovery are our main sources of motivation to providing the best care.

DC Choo Hong Kai

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Choo's passion in Chiropractic was found because he had experienced numerous sports injuries himself and of others in over 20 years of training and intense competitive participation in Taekwondo.


He sees Chiropractic practice as his contribution to the world, for its ability to identify and deal with the root cause of all pains and injuries, and to improve people's quality of life for the better. 


Outside of being an insightful chiropractor and a committed Taekwondo black belt holder, Dr Choo enjoys his fun and creative time in singing, playing the guitar and exploring the art of movements - including dancing.


DC Tamiko Foo Pui San

Doctor of Chiropractic

Growing up in the society of conventional medicine, Dr Tamiko always believed that there must be a better way for our body to heal naturally, instead of popping medication or undergoing surgery to live pain-free. Sadly, many are not aware of these alternative methods.


Dr Tamiko was the first student awarded with a full scholarship in International Medical University to pursue the Chiropractic program. Serving the community is always her lifelong passion. She firmly believes that with the right treatment and education, everyone will be able to enjoy their life to the fullest, instead of sacrificing their favorite activities due to pain or dysfunction.


Aside from being a full-time chiropractor, Dr Tamiko has been teaching Classical Ballet over the past 10 years. With good understanding of anatomy, kinesiology and psychology of an elite sportsman, she has helped many in improving their athletic performance and well-being.​

DC Leon Chong Chun Feng

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Leon sees chiropractic as a bridge for him to help people to improve their quality of life without the need for medication. He believes in grasping every opportunity for growth and learning and the only person he strives to be better than, is the person he was yesterday. He not only incorporates this principle in his daily life but he also reflects this in how he treats his patient; helping

them become a better version of themselves. 


He has a great interest in fitness, coupled with great discipline in taking extra miles to eat clean and train hard in gym to have a strong and healthy body. He is also a friendly and fun guy to get along with, to answer all your concerns faced during the treatments, and making sure you follow along to the path of recovery.


DC Tan Jit Lloyd

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Lloyd believes chiropractic could be and should be more than just for those in pain – why stop caring for the body once the pain is gone?

With his siblings also serving in the healthcare industry, it was no coincidence that he found himself in the field of chiropractic. Dr Lloyd graduated from International Medical University under a full scholarship. To stay at the top of his game, he attends international and local seminars annually.

Out of practice, he enjoys a game of futsal and would hang out over a live football match. When his schedule allows, he loves traveling to places he has never been to.

If you find him familiar, that’s because you most likely have heard of him from his previous work serving the Kota Kemuning community.

DC Saw Wei Qi

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Wei Qi is a patient-centered chiropractor who always strives to put her patients' well-being first. She believes that true health comes from the inside out and chiropractic can achieve that by building the foundation of health. 

She is compassionate and values good lasting relationships with patients, making sure you feel home whenever you step into her office. 

Dr Wei Qi is awarded full scholarship during her study and training at International Medical University.

She gets in touch with her heart by volunteering in community service outside of work. 


PT Tengku Nursyafiqah


PT Syafiqah is a lovely and caring physiotherapist who is equipped with great skill and knowledge, which makes her the best combo for a great recovery journey.

She gives all her attention while being with you in the session, and her soft-spoken voice is always assuring and encouraging to our patients that may be going through a difficult time during manual therapy or rehabilitation.  

PT Syafiqah is great with kids in virtue of her natural character, and her past 2 years of working experience with special needs children. 

PT Pavitra Thaygarajah


PT Vitra is an experienced Physiotherapist with 5 years of experience in providing Physiotherapy care. To add value to the quality of her service, she too obtained Certification in Functional Integrated Dry Needling. 


PT Vitra specializes in treating postural issues and musculoskeletal dysfunctions such as back pain and scoliosis. Her passion in Physiotherapy Care motivates her to provide the best care to all patients through her wonders of muscle work. 


She enjoys making her patients smile too! She stands by her belief that “Happiness is the best pain killer”.


PT Mohamad Shafiq bin Mohamad Salji


PT Shafiq is an amazing physiotherapist who specializes in sports injuries and musculoskeletal issues with 5 years of professional experience in the industry. He completed his studies at Pusrawi International College of Medical Sciences (PICOMS).

He specializes in treating sports injuries, slip-disc, neck pain, headache, as well as treatments to help with patients in stroke rehabilitation. Patients often find his muscle release therapy on-point, and is a great relief after manual therapy session

PT Shafiq is also an avid coffee lover who enjoys a cup of joe during his breaks.

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