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About Us

We are the first in Cheras that combines Gonstead Specific Chiropractic with Functional Training & Rehabilitation 

At our patient-centered chiropractic and physiotherapy center, we offer effective non-surgical treatment for all types of physical pains, aches, and injuries.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Connect Chiropractic is to support each and every individual to attain freedom, of the body, mind, emotion, and lifestyle choices


To achieve that, we demand ourselves with the highest standard of treatments and patient care, so that we could empower you to unleash your full potential by living a pain-free, stress-free, and flexible life.  



Luisa Lau, Dance Trainer

Being a RAD trained teacher, I studied anatomy for my papers and did my practical exam to be a qualified teacher.


Those visits really made me felt so secured that I am in good hands for my problems!! (They know my problems well related to their early childhood activities and training in competitive combat, dance or accident-related injuries) Dr Choo Hong Kai was a Tae Kwon Do exponent in his younger days in school and Dr Tamiko Foo a former champion in Latin America Competition till Amateur levels and ballet trained are really a blessings.


Every visit really solves my issue in pain, stiffness, imbalances, and numbness!

My daughters and I have been under them for more than 4 years.

Listening to the familiar explanation about the muscles and joints in relation to my suffering really ease the nagging pain and depression caused by it.

Highly recommended to those who needed the help and a thorough understanding.


Danielle Tan, Educator

A perfect practical place to get chiropractic treatment for your wellness being. Reasonable price yet value for money because you will get the result in a short period.

My personal experiences with their certified professional DC (Doctor of chiropractic) have changed my life.


For my case, I see improvement after the 6th session of treatment with physiotherapy and continuous workout at home. Suffered for more than 9 years of leg and body aching, the DC was able to rectify the root of the problem and was focused and practical in his treatment.


Each treatment was satisfying yet it showed good results. Besides the chiropractic treatment, DC will also recommend suitable physiotherapy session, diet and also continuous home programme (stretching and exercise moves) as a follow-through treatment. The stretching exercises and exercise moves recommended by DC help in soothing the pain and keep me in good shape. It also gives me strength and energy too.

I am thankful that I found Connect Chiropractic to treat my pains and injuries. I have never felt so much better physically. Thank you DC Hong Kai and the team for their commitment to provide the best treatment for me.

Yasser, Consultant

Sincerely from the bottom of my heart Thank you Doc Tamiko. She is one of the best Doc that i have visited for body adjustment in general, specifically for neck, spine and lower back, which many ppl complain abt.


I've followed her from since she was in the previous clinic and my friends praises her in front of me. she may don't know abt that, but i'm saying here so she knows that she is very good in this. Recently my nose got out of shape, she could adjusted it woooow. unexpected.


I would definitely recommend her for anyone who has body or muscle issues, go to her without blinking an eye. she is amazing absolutely. she deserves more than 5 Stars.

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